Dr. Bear and Doggosso

Dr. Bear spent time in Spain recently with his good friend Doggo Doggosso.  While he was there Doggosso asked Dr. Bear to pose for several of his new works.  Ever so grateful, Doggosso invited Dr. Bear to share them  with you today.

The first portrait is Double Faced Bear, by Doggo Doggosso, and the  second diptych is the Two Bear Faces also by Doggo Doggosso.   I hope you enjoyed these works by that well known Spaniel.  To find out more about how Doggosso created the Two Bear Faces click the included link.

Dog Family Finds Painting in Attic

IMG_6668” It doesn’t take an art lover to fall in love with this painting,” said Dr. Theodore Bear today after he unveiled his new dog painting which he discovered at a yard sale.  This lovely golden haired pup must be waiting for her loved ones.  But the real story is the lucky dog family in Texas who discovered this painting in their Grandmother’s attic.  Dr. Bear did not take advantage of the family and promises to research the paintings providence.  Though he is unsure of the doggie painter, Dr. Bear believes that it is from the painters of the 1800s.

Licktinstin’s Sher #2


cher4wAs you well know Dr. Bear has a big crush on that dashing Lassie, Sher.  The Licktinstin’s Sher #2 became available for auction, how could he resist. This dotty Doggie painting shows the whimsical side of that famous diva. “One cannot help but wag his tail at her image,” said Dr. Bear.