Portrait of Man Rat by Franz Ballz


You have to love those Dutch which include some of the finest painters of Dogbrandt and Ballz.  This fine portrait glows with life and vitality and is a fine example from the Golden Age of Dog Art.  It will take a long time before I tire from Man Rat, he is just bow-wow! This print is available for  you at  www.ArtPal.com/profkenglish

Yours as always – Dr. Theodore Bear

(please visit Portrait of a Man oil painting  by Rembrandt van Rijn)

Self Portrait by Vincent van Pug


Normally paintings by van Pug go for millions of bones. I was very happy to put this self-portrait into my collection for much less.  Notice the swirling brush strokes that are typical of van Pug’s work.  I know that you will congratulate me on this fine acquisition for my dog house. This pint is available for  you at  www.ArtPal.com/profkenglish

Always your art  lover … Dr. Theodore Bear

(Please visit van Gogh self-portrait 1889)

Ethal May With Roses


I hope that you enjoy this lovely doggie painting that I just purchased by the 19th century artist, Emile Doggone.  Little is known about Emile’s career as an artist even though he is widely collected by doggie art lovers.  I hope you enjoy this. This pint is available for  you at  www.ArtPal.com/profkenglish  –  Best Regards, Dr Bear

(Please visit Beauty with Flowers Emile Vernon, oil painting 1910)

Pas Manet’s Daughter


Here is a lovely portrait by  Dog Ripper of Manet’s young daughter Julie and her cat.  There are a great number of cats in paintings though I often wonder why, here kitty, kitty.  They are lovely pets and are of more interest to doggie art lovers than squirrels, even though there are not many of the later found in art works.  Just thinking about them makes me a little nuts!  Well time to go home to my bone.  This pint is available for  you at  www.ArtPal.com/profkenglish – Dr. Theodore Bear

(Please visit Portrait of Julie Manet or Little Girl with Cat, painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir)

Little Queen

pupDr. Bear is delighted to share this unknown painting of the Puppy Queen, Elizabeth the 1st.  There are a great number of portraits of the queen during her years as the Queen of England, but very few paintings were completed of her majesty as a young pup.This pint is available for  you at  www.ArtPal.com/profkenglish   I hope that you can chew on this one for a while.   – Dr. Theodore  Bear

Jeune Toutou

green cassatt

I am very excited to share this great unknown find with you by that wonderful American Impressionist,  Doggie Cassatte.  This bowutiful painting, Jeune Toutou in Green Outdoors in the Sun,  is a great addition to my collection of doggie art. This pint is available for  you at  www.ArtPal.com/profkenglish     Votre Serviteur, Dr. Theodore Bear

(Please visit Young Woman in Green, Outdoors in the Sun (1914) oil painting by Mary Cassett)

Portrait of Berta Porcelet by Pas Mat


Here is a painting of my good friend, Le Porcelet by Monsieur  Pas Manet.  This bow–utiful painting is otherwise know as  Portrait of Bertha Porcelet with a Bouquet de Violettes , painted in 1972, at her father’s funeral.  Poor Le Porcelet, with her cheeks sunken, one eye starting out of its socket with grief, the other almost in-turned with sorrow  is a great example of a master painting of true doggie art.  I am looking forward to visiting Le Musée d’Orsay and seeing the actual painting of Le Porcelet.  Of course, my friend looks much happier then she does in this painting.  This pint is available for  you at  www.ArtPal.com/profkenglish   – As Always, Dr Bear

(Please visit Berthe Morisot with a Bouquet of Violets (French: Berthe Morisot au bouquet de violettes) is an 1872 oil on canvas painting by Édouard Manet)