Another Recommendation from Little Angel

I don’t know about you, but I love listening to the fleas.  Here is another winning album cover by Pee Doggie Max, recommended by my friend the librarian Little Angel.

Go have a listen and a good scratch~ Dr. Theodore Bear


Just like your favorite music, your favorite album covers can stick with you through time.  My favorite album by the Flea’s is Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Dog’s Club Band .  This beautiful cover is by that pooper pop artist Pee Doggie Max.  I hope that you enjoyed the show!

~ Little Angel

Woof Woof Little Angel Comic

My good friend the librarian Little Angel recently posted an interesting promotion of Doggie Comics by Bonevel Comics.  Here is her post…enjoy.

~Dr. Bear

Ror Dognarok

All of you true doggie nerds have been waiting for, the new comics of Ror Dognarok.  Ror is a true super hero when he takes on that terrible villain from hell, Cata.  I recommend that you kennel your inner puppy and enjoy Ror and Cata.


Second Da Itchy Drawing

daitch2In a second unexpected purchase at Doggiby’s Art Auction Dr Theodore Bear obtained this conte pencil drawing by Dogginardo Da Itchy.  “I never dreamed that I would be able to purchase two wonderful Da Itchy Studies!” exclaimed Dr. Bear.  “It is a once in a lifetime chance to own even one of his works and today I own two.”

         Always the Art Lover~ Dr Theodore Bear