Little Angel’s Team Meeting

“Team Meeting with Author Dogs at Little Angel’s Book Club”

Little Angel has found new ways to promote her authors. A Microsoft Team meeting is a good way for the authors to talk about their recent work. However, as long as Doggingway continues to drink, sensitivity training is in their future!


Dr. Bear’s Fabulous Cousin


“It seems impossible to me, but I have these fabulous cousins in Colorado,” stated Dr. Bear today.  Apparently living on the ranch were his father was whelped, are Bear’s cousins.  Though this fellow look nothing like the doggies we are used to, you have to agree, he cuts a striking pose.  ” I have nothing to complain about even though they are nothing like a West Highland Terrier.” Bear commented.  “Although I admit, I sometimes have a wild urge to chase one around the corral.”

~As always- Dr. Theodore Bear

Another Recommendation from Little Angel

I don’t know about you, but I love listening to the fleas.  Here is another winning album cover by Pee Doggie Max, recommended by my friend the librarian Little Angel.

Go have a listen and a good scratch~ Dr. Theodore Bear


Just like your favorite music, your favorite album covers can stick with you through time.  My favorite album by the Flea’s is Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Dog’s Club Band .  This beautiful cover is by that pooper pop artist Pee Doggie Max.  I hope that you enjoyed the show!

~ Little Angel

Woof Woof Little Angel Comic

My good friend the librarian Little Angel recently posted an interesting promotion of Doggie Comics by Bonevel Comics.  Here is her post…enjoy.

~Dr. Bear

Ror Dognarok

All of you true doggie nerds have been waiting for, the new comics of Ror Dognarok.  Ror is a true super hero when he takes on that terrible villain from hell, Cata.  I recommend that you kennel your inner puppy and enjoy Ror and Cata.