Miss Molly Mere


This is a portrait that Dr. Bear found of his dear Mere.  She is featured here at a Teddy Bear’s pick-nick with her favorite things.  Miss Molly is posing with a stunning look of  a dog waiting for her bone.  Dr. Bear’s  remembers his Mere most fondly, as do we all.  This Print is available at www.ArtPal.com/profkenglish

Pekingese Waiting for Madame Butterfly


“I once dated a doggie that looked just like this one,” stated Dr. Bear in discussing this new puppy painting.  This lovely oil painted by Pierre Poodle Rover brings those early memories to life and I could not resist purchasing it.  I hope that it inspires memories for each one of you!  This Print is available at www.ArtPal.com/profkenglish

(Please visit The Theater Box, 1874, oil painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir)

Adele Bow-wow Bear


Dr. Theodore Bear is happy to announce a new acquisition to his puppy collection! Here is the lovely painting of his distance cousin Adele Bear. It was painted by that renowned Austrian puppy painter Grover Dog Clump. Don’t you just love the beautiful use of fabric in Miss Bear’s Gown?  Prints of this work can be found at www.ArtPal.com/profkenglish

(Please visit Adele Bloch-Bauer I (1907), oil painting by Gustav Klimt)