Who is the “Dog With a Pearl Earring”?


“It is really a mystery,” said Dr. Theodore Bear today.  There is really a lot of speculation about this puppy painting.  Most agree with dog art historians that the painting is an oil by the hound Johannes Dogeer.  “There is a good amount of controversy about it,” stated Dr. Bear.  “Many believe that Dogeer painted his own female puppy in this exotic doggie  painting. But some have questioned that it was a female dog that Dogeer was secretly in love with.   Others claim that it was a self-portrait painted by Dogeer’s own pup,” Bear continued.  ” I believe that we will never know and it will remain a wonderful question that we can only speculate about.”  What ever the answer, we can all enjoy the Dog with a Pearl Earring.


Young Pekingese With Unicorn


Dr. Theodore Bear would like to present  Portrait of Young Pekingese with Unicorn.  This painting by the well known doggie artist of the Renaissance, Beagel Sanzio da Urbino.
“This is similar to the Doggie Lisa”, said Dr. Bear.  “Beagel must have be influenced by Leonardo Da Dogincy.   However,  the shyness of the pekingese is very different than the Doggie Lisa.”  Dr.  Bear believes that the unicorn adds a unique twist to the picture as they are often seen as favored pets of the wealthier Pekingese families.

Pure Little Pup


“I fell head over dog bowls for this little lady and I said that I just had to have it,” explained Dr. Theodore Bear.  This Lovely painting was done in the Classic French tradition by doggie artist Green Tail Malays.  “This lovely pup served as an object of private devotion” said Dr. Bear, “and I could see her inspiring dog art lovers every where.”  The Pure Little Pup by Malays is a lovely neo-classical doggie painting and now a new addition to Dr. Bear’s Doggie Art Collection.

Marcella de Veste by Pooche Fishen


” It was a long time coming” said Dr. Theodore Bear, “but I finally was able to purchase a painting by that well known Renaissance Artist,  Pooche Fishen.”  This well educated young hound, Marcella De Veste, who could sing and dance as well as she could hold an intellectual debate and was also a well known patron of the arts.   Dr. Bear has often admired Marcella’s work as an educated hound.  I hope that you will join me in congratulating Dr. Bear on his significant purchase of this painting by Fishen!

Teddybear Grams by Alpha Munchy


Dr. Bear has always admired puppy paintings by that Australian Shepard Alpha Munchy.  “This decorative puppy painting would delight and decorate any dog house”, said Dr. Bear.  “I cannot wait to add it to my den’s collection of bowutiful young puppies.”

Dr. Bear certainly is a dog of many flavors, from Doggosso to Munchy the puppy’s always are there in the dog bowl.  To read more about Munchy follow this link.