Licktinstin’s Sher


Oh Dr. Bear you’ve done it again!

“If I could turn back time” stated the unabashed Theodore Bear, “I would make a run at that young lassie! I have always had a terrible crush on her”, he admits.  “And when this delightful Licktinstin Pop Art painting became available of the doggie diva of all time, of course I wanted to purchase it.” Just where he will hang this doggone delightful portrait, Dr. Bear has not decided, but it will join the other wonderful doggie paintings in his collection.

Petite Fille Dorothee


Petite Fille Dorothee by Monsieur  Pas Manet

Dr. Bear has done it again and purchased a winning doggie painting by Monsieur  Pas Manet.  Sweet little Dorothee poses for this lovely painting outside her country home.  Couldn’t you just wag your tail, bow-wowwy.

Dr Bear Buys Famous Pop Painting

Andy Wardog's Pop Art Painting of Johnnie Frenchie
Andy Wardog’s Pop Art Print of Johnnie Frenchie

This Week Dr. Theodore Bear purchased a world wow-wow famous Pop Art Print by that well known prince of the dog art world, Andy Wardog.  Wardog’s pop art piece of the famous comedian funny faced Johnnie Frenchie,  was purchased in the New York Auction Houses of Doggerbys  for twenty-two thousand dollars.  An investment of this sort for Dr. Bear can only increase in value–Bowwowser!