Second Da Itchy Drawing

daitch2In a second unexpected purchase at Doggiby’s Art Auction Dr Theodore Bear obtained this conte pencil drawing by Dogginardo Da Itchy.  “I never dreamed that I would be able to purchase two wonderful Da Itchy Studies!” exclaimed Dr. Bear.  “It is a once in a lifetime chance to own even one of his works and today I own two.”

         Always the Art Lover~ Dr Theodore Bear

Dogginardo Da Itchy


Dr Bear’s new find is a charcoal drawing by Dogginardo Da Itchy.  Dogginardo is a well known Renaissance Artist who is famous for his charcoal studies.  “This study of puppies at play is a delightful fun addition to my collection of doggie art”
~ Dr. Theodore Bear

Licktinstin’s Pumpkin


As you may know, Dr. Theodore Bear Purchased two Licktinstin prints of Sher earlier this year.  Dr Bear was so taken with the young artist’s dogday paintings of the bonnie lassie that when he discovered this new print of Pumpkin, he wanted a new edition for his doggie artworks.   “This puppy picture will delight my grand-puppies!”  exclaimed Dr. Bear.pumkin

Puparazzi Tootsie Poops the Scoop!

That well known Puparizzi Tootsiepop has done it again reporting on a famous Doggiewood Film Star, Beauty Bulldog.  I cannot resist a doggie bit of gossip, so here is her post.

~Dr. Theodore Bear


Today Doggiewood film star Beauty Bulldog, best known for her role  as Baby, in As Dogs Like It by William Dogspear had her good name buried in the dirt.  Beauty was seen at the Brown Doggie with a married Dog! The Dirt is flying for more than a few buried bones.

The newly widowed Beauty has  been missing from Doggiewood for the last two months. Is the popular howler Freddie Hunter, who happens to be married to that beautiful blond,  Gracie Jack Russell, the cause?  It took more than howling to distract Beauty from her grief, for this  is  a relationship that has gone on for some time, much more than just one innocent bowl of chow.

This doggie writer wonders if it will be splitsville foe the long marries couple and wedding vows for Beauty and Freddie.  Always Your Pooper Scooper~Tootsie Pop

Dog Boys New York


Hound Dog Brown is one of America’s most skilled painters of pups, especially hard digging, cheerful street urchins who earned a pittance as boot blacks, newspaper vendors, to name a few. In some dog homes, he was dubbed the “Boot Black Doggael” because of the glowing faces of his puppy figures and his skill of painting. His paintings of these sympathy-arousing doggies were so popular in a Victorian era of increased industrialization that he became a boneified boneiare from painting sales as well as royalties from lithographs. Who wouldn’t give a bone for this tail wagging painting of Dog Boys New York.

~Dr. Theodore Bear

Self Portrait of Aldogt Durer


Here is a wonderful self-portrait by the famous German Aldogt Durer.  Durer is best known for his paw-prints of various types.  He shows himself here as a prosperous young dog in the prime of life.  It is apparent that he has a lot of bones.    I think we all can wag our tails at this painting.

~Dr. Theodore Bear

All Cats Cheat


Every once in a while we all like a painting just because of the subject.  This little painting, “All Cats Cheat” is that for me.  I howled with laughter over the Bulldog with the cigar.  He of course has an excuse because all cats cheat.  It is good to have a bone to bury once in a while.

~Dr. Theodore Bear