The Unseeing Chihuahua


This is a lovely puppy painting of two sisters, one of whom is a musician. They are resting by the roadside after a rainstorm.  One stops to look at the rainbow, and the second does not or can not see the beauty around her.  This painting reminds us to stop and sniff the day!

Dr. Theodore Bear

By Rover He’s Done it Again!


As you may remember I am a  great fan of the incredible self taught genius Henri Dousseau.  This talented doggie has done it again.  The Sleeping Shepard is another painting that grabbed my attention like a hot piece of bacon.  The terrified Shepard, sleeping with his flock has met up with much more than he counted on.  You can almost feel the hot breath of the lion.  This is what makes Dousseau such a wonderful artist.

Dr. Theodore Bear

Little Peggie Princess

Who wouldn’t like the painting of Peggie Princess by Ruff Rufus.  This lovely Yorkie was greatly loved by many of her suitors.  She is shown here tending her roses in her family garden. Ruff Rufus, one of the first American writers as well as artist was a great admirer of the little Yorkie.  I certainly can see why–wooof.

Dr. Theodore Bear

Duchess Dane


One of my favorite doggie portraits is this lovely classical painting of Duchess Dane.  The classic calm of this Grand Dame Dane is clearly visible on on Duchess Eloise van Dane’s lovely face.  Everything is perfect in Milo-Sampson Dogress’s time honored portrait.

~ Constant Admirer of Art, Dr. Theodore Bear

Country Puppy


This lovely puppy and her kitten is one of my favorite subjects.  I am bow-wowy crazy over paintings that remind me of my own puppy past.  This painting makes me remember the days spent at my granddoggies farm.  I hope that you enjoy this Country Puppy with me.

Dr. Theodore Bear

Self Portrait of Missy van Harrier


This is the earliest painting by a known female painter.  It is certainly wonderful to have an opportunity to enjoy this bowtiful painting.  The young Missy  Harrier was a brave doggie indeed to paint a portrait of herself.  Usually young females painted under their father’s names so that their work would be accepted.  I hope that you join in with a barking salute to this brave artist.

Dr. Theodore Bear

Portrait of Lassie Puppiati


This portrait is by the well known Renaissance artist Dogenzo Doggo. He painted his portraits more realistically in a real dog manner.  Lassie is shown here in a rich ornate hat and jewels.  Don’t you just want to lap her right up?  What ever you think, Doggo certainly created a dog gone lovely painting.

Dr. Theodore Bear

Catidoglione the Aristocrat


This painting is another example by the well known doggie artist of the Renaissance, Beagel Sanzio da Urbino. The portrait is of the famous Catidoglione, who was one cool cat, who kept his head and behaved like a happy hound no matter what was happening.  Beagel manages to capture this feeling of aristocracy in this portrait, which is what leaves me panting after it for my collection.

As Always- Dr Theodore Bear


Dogear’s Mother


A lot of dogs have fond memories of their mothers when they were young whelps.  This painting reminds me of my mother busily at work over chewed socks.  This lovely painting by Rufus Dogear with a wise elder dog hard at work some kind of needlework, is a view into the dog home.  Thank you Dogear for the memories.

Dr. Theodore Bear